Wish to have innovative ideas follow Laziness.

Ranjit Damodaran
2 min readJan 16, 2023


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Laziness is innate are we are programmed to laziness.

Our evolution is built on the conservation of energy. Every cell in our body is programmed to be energy efficient. Energy efficiency is inherent to every activity that we do. No machine on earth can match the efficiency of any flora or fauna of this planet.

As we know, we spend 20% of our total calories on our brain's grey cells. The brain has evolved to conserve energy. So the brain continuously finds ways to reduce energy consumption.

If you look at the architecture of our brain, it uses a different system to avoid cognitive overload. Once it gets familiarised with a task, it uses a pattern as a shortcut to get things done. The brain deliberately avoids detailed analysis of every situation presented to it. Instead, it optimizes by identifying shortcuts called heuristics to get the work done.

Whenever our system tries to analyze a new situation, you can feel the exhaustion that sets in. You are exhausted, causing fatigue, and crave sugary food and a feeling of laziness.

You try to do a mental calculation, take a complex number, and do some computation like multiplication or addition. Our body starts reacting with aversion, and you need enormous energy and attention to deliberate upon the problem that you wish to solve. Our bodies wish to gravitate toward a low battery mode.

You can bet on laziness to innovate. If any task reduces, your cognitive overload is an ideal candidate for innovation.

You can see recent inventions like offline shopping vs. online shopping, going to movie theatres vs. binge-watching, and visiting hotels vs. online food delivery. All point to the single parameter of laziness.

It is better to chase laziness to find innovative ideas.



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