What is the additional skills needed for the developers beyond coding?

Listening without interrupting. There will be different stakeholders in a typical software project, and each stakeholder comes from a different mindset. Having a keen listening sense is a must.

Articulating thoughts. It is an art. It is tough to articulate abstract concepts and explain them to stakeholders, and it is even tougher to convey messages to non-IT-savvy stakeholders. I have seen people throw IT jargons callously and hide behind the technical complexity to impose their point of view. But articulating thoughts is all about clarity and conveying messages clearly, which every developer should aspire for.

Inter-personnel skills. Software engineering is all about teamwork. We have seen people from elite engineering colleges come with an air of snobbery and find difficulty connecting with the people, and they love working in silos. However, to thrive in this environment, you need to cultivate inter-personnel skills.

Documentation. Developers disdain it and are reluctant to take it up. What developers fail to understand is the longest pole of any software development cycle is post-production maintenance. During this time, new developers are brought in to manage the fixes. Without having adequate documentation, it will hamper quicker resolution of bugs.



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Ranjit Damodaran

Ranjit Damodaran


Tech enthusiast, Project Management. Interested in Complexity science, Economics, Psychology, Philosophy, Human Nature, Behavioral Economics, almost anything.