What are the upcoming technology trends 2022 and beyond?

Ranjit Damodaran
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Metaverse is a new kid in the block, at least what Facebook thinks so. Metaverse is an immersive virtual world to play, socialize and work. However, this is not a new concept. Products like Minecraft, Roblox, and Second life have pioneered this concept of creating a virtual world. Now, leading tech companies feel we are at the tipping point of revolution.

Microsoft and Facebook has started pumping money into it, and Apple and Google and working on it. However, expects feels that it will take some time to materialize.

Wearable technology

This has evolved into a matured technology. We have seen wearable technology has started blurring lines between fitness and health. Apart from fitness tracking, wearable tech can monitor heartbeat, breath rate, oxygen level, ECG, monitoring electrical signals for stress and sleep cycles.

This will mature to include monitoring of diabetes, measuring electrical signals to monitor epilepsy, and to measure blood pressure and alcohol levels.

Brain-computer interface

It’s a final frontier which tech companies wants to concur. If we really look at the evolution of technology, it is progressively invasive. It started with desktop, then to laptop, then mobile and wearable. What is left out is getting into our body, where else it can be, its our crown (brain). Elon Musk company Nerolink has demonstrated Monkeys can play ping-pong game using signals from its brain. Countless other companies has demonstrated this possibilities.

This will mature to include monitoring diabetes, measuring electrical signals to monitor epilepsy, and measuring blood pressure and alcohol levels.

mRNA vaccines

mRNA-based drugs are relatively new. The first drug Onpattro got approved by FDA recently in 2018. The development of mRNA-based drugs has helped manufacture critical drugs like Covid vaccines faster and cheaper.

mRNA has revolutionized the manufacturing of vaccines. Instead of using weakened or inactivated germs, it removes part of the virus’s protein identifier and embeds it into mRNA (messenger RNA). It trains our body to trigger immune and create appropriate antibodies within our body.

This is going to revolutionise vaccine manufacturing and other drugs.

Space travel

2021 is the watershed year for commercial space travel. Three companies Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin, and SpaceX, have completed their maiden trip. You can expect many more to follow.

As of now, it is a favorite pass time for billionaires and millionaires. It will take a few years to become more affordable, and space tourism will be a line on everyone’s bucket list.


The electric vehicle is the future, and it is a matter of time, gasoline vehicles will be eliminated. We already see the trend. In Europe, EV sales have surpassed diesel vehicles. Many of the countries and automakers have set the mandate to phase out gasoline vehicles by 2040.

There is a steady progress of innovation, and the battery is the area of concern.

Lab-grown meat

Guilt-free meat, way to go. Lab grown cultured meat has stepped out of lab, now it is approved by the regulators for sales. “Chicken bites” produced by US based company “Eat Just”, has cleared by Singapore regulatory authority.

With an estimated 50 billion chickens, 1.5 billion pigs, and other livestock being slaughtered every year, it is time for humans to eliminate industrial-scale slaughtering of animals. At least, the least that we can do for other unfortunate species.


FinTech & Digital currency

We see a revolution in FinTech, and Covid has accelerated its transition. All the transactions are going through mobile and computers. In developed countries, cash is on the decline. Even in developing countries are leaping forward, take the case of India, recently digital transaction has crossed 100 Billion.

Digital currencies like Bitcoin, ETH, Litecoins, etc., are gaining traction. It is proved to be resilient. All these ups and downs have made it robust Now, most of the leading fund managers are cautiously asking their clients to a small portion of digital currencies in their portfolio.

With most countries printing currency without due diligence, alternative forms of digital assets will gain ground.



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